M2log is fashioned from the experience of the Miroglio Group

M2log is fashioned from the experience of

the Miroglio Group

M2LOG was set up in North West Italy as a spin-off from the Miroglio Group.

M2LOG can lay claim to being a benchmark for integrated logistics in the textiles and clothing sector, thanks to the experience of a group which has been leading the way in the fashion system for more than half a century.

M2LOG handles 20 million garments and 20 million metres of fabric every year.

Established in 1947, the Miroglio Group is a leading international textiles and clothing corporation which operates in Italy and the world through 35 companies in 20 countries, and over 900 branded stores. In the world of fashion, the Miroglio Group creates, produces and distributes the collections of 9 apparel brands, including Motivi, Elena Mirò, Oltre e Fiorella Rubino.

In textiles, the Group manufactures and markets a wide range of printed and plain fabrics, as well as being a key player in the market of yarns, transfer paper and technical film.

The Miroglio Group believes in values that include reliability and innovation, passion and expertise, and the importance of its roots combined with a global vision, and it has always set out to be a secure frame of reference for the thousands of people who contribute to its success, as well as all the consumers who choose its products every day.

M2LOG follows those ethical principles and values in respect of law compliance as declined into the Code of Ethics of Miroglio Group since the Company is convinced that the achievement of business aims cannot be deemed without respecting fundamentals values.

With an agile structure capable of taking quick decisions we cater for the entire textiles-clothing supply chain

With an agile structure capable of taking quick decisions

We cater for the entire
textiles-clothing supply chain

M2LOG is a unique concern providing the textiles and fashion market with a focal point for integrated door-to-door logistics services.

The know-how acquired in the fashion system and the investment made in over half a century of logistics applied to the textiles-clothing sector enable M2LOG to provide its clients with high added value services offering top quality in terms of both range and configuration, and its global coverage of markets.

M2LOG is able to handle logistics for the entire supply chain, from the production of yarns and fabrics right through to the distribution of garments to shops, guaranteeing the highest standards of efficiency at every step along the way thanks to its technology and long-standing experience.

Major economies of scale generated by high volumes allow M2LOG to offer the market highly competitive services. These are fully-tailored to the needs of the customer, making M2LOG the ideal logistics partner for businesses operating in the fashion system.

We dedicate to logistics 90,000 sqm of technologically advanced facilities

We dedicate to logistics 90,000 sqm of

Technologically advanced facilities

M2LOG's facilities totalling around 90,000 square meters are located on its two company-owned sites, one in Pollenzo (CN), which is given over to fashion distribution logistics, and the other in Castagnole delle Lanze (AT), specializing in yarn and fabric production logistics.

M2LOG can count as well on logistics platforms in Brazil, Russia and China.

Cutting edge facilities for handling and sorting are joined on both sites by the latest technology and innovative systems for warehouse materials management.

M2LOG also makes use of alternative sources of energy through its two solar PV systems, and has been awarded Ohsas 18001 certification and UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.